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Accident Season

It’s that time of year again where the roads get busier with visitors who may or may not have quite the understanding of driving in Spain that you would like to think, with an unfortunate consequence that traffic accidents increase.

We have written articles before on what to do in case of an accident i.e. get the accident form completed and signed, take photos of damage to both vehicles and the other vehicles registration number, get a police report if necessary and visit the doctor to report any injuries, all useful information and necessary to get your claim opened and in processing. 

What you need to take care over is filling out and signing the accident form (DAA). This is the document that the insurance company are going to take notice of over any other evidence you may have, apart from the police report. If you allow the other party to complete it for you, make sure that you understand what they have written before you consider signing the form. If you are not happy with what they have written then change it. If you don’t understand what they have written don’t sign it. 

As with all documents, if you sign it and you don’t understand it, it could cost you. In this case your no claims bonus and an increase in your insurance premium at renewal. 

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Selling Your Spanish Registered Car

This topic has come up several times with clients recently. They thought they had sold their car and received a sale contract so it was no longer their responsibility, only to find that they still receive tax (Suma) bills and fines for the vehicle some time on.  So what should you do when you sell?

Whether you are selling your car privately or through a garage as a part exchange, you need to make sure that the documentation is arranged so that ownership is changed to the new owner. 

If you are selling privately, then ask the purchaser to provide you with a copy of the justificante to show that the paperwork is in processing, or accompany them to their gestor office or trafico to make sure, though this is not always practical.

If you are part exchanging or selling through a garage, check their policy on changing ownership when you first start to discuss a deal with them. Some garages change the ownership immediately, but as this has a cost to it, some will wait until they have a purchaser for your old vehicle and then do the change of ownership. Whilst the vehicle maybe sat on their premises and not out and about, whilst you are listed at Trafico as the owner, you are held responsible for the vehicle. Ask for a copy of the justificante. 

In order for the documents to be changed the purchaser will need a copy of your NIE or Residencia document amongst others. If they don’t ask for this then you can be sure that the transfer probably isn’t going happen.

We would always advise clients not to cancel their insurance until they are sure that the transfer is in processing and they have some proof. Most Spanish insurance companies now want to see proof that the ownership has changed to cancel the policy. 

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Vehicle Accident Forms – Do You Know How To Complete It?

We all live in the hope that we won’t have an accident whilst out and about driving, but unfortunately it is likely that at some point during our driving life an accident will befall us, whether our fault or someone else’s.  If this happens do you know how to complete the Accident Statement or Declaración de Amistosa Accidente?

It is important that both parties complete the form with as many details as you can and sign it. That said, if you don’t understand what you are signing, then try to obtain assistance. The contents of this document will be used by the insurance company to assess culpability.  Whilst person B might stand in front of you admitting liability, that might not be what they put on the form and you might end up being held liable and losing your no claims bonus for something that you didn’t do.

If the police are called, again make sure the the information on the form is correct before you sign and ask for the policeman’s details. They might be useful later on if there is a conflict of version of events.

Some companies will only accept the Spanish version of the form. If you have only got a Spanish version, obtain one in English so that you can check when filling the form out what the Spanish means.

Make sure you tick all the boxes and make a drawing of the events, carefully marking vehicle A and B.

You get 7 days to present the documentation to your insurance company or agent. After this time, be assured you will be contacted if person B has started the process before you.

The DGT have recently carried out a very small survey of drivers and discovered that only 4% knew how to complete the form properly.

We are here to offer you help and and advice, as well as provide for all your insurance needs.

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