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The Importance of Travel Insurance

In this day and age it is one of the most vital insurance products you could contract for peace of mind as many of you will have seen over recent months, things like the weather are getting more unpredictable and that holiday you booked and have really been looking forward to could be disrupted due to unforeseen circumstances.

In fact, there could be many different reasons (illness, family member loss, strikes) you end up not being able to head off on that trip you planned. Of course, we hope that never happens but we all probably know at least one person that has had to cancel a trip at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances.

We also probably all know someone that has had their luggage mislaid on route too. Most of the time it is located and sent on to your destination, but sometimes it simply has got lost or when it does turn up it is damaged.

We cannot guarantee that this will not happen to you, but we can at least give you the peace of mind that taking out travel insurance will provide you with varying levels of cover either for a single trip or for Annual multi trips which is what we would normally advise to go for as we can give you additional discount and it covers trips in Spain (more than 2 consecutive days) and also does not have any limit on the amount of trips per year with the standard policy including 17 days per trip which can be increased up to 90 days per trip. Long term trips can also be covered.

All of the policies include Medical expenses, cancellation cover and Personal effects + Baggage cover, with all of these covers having the option to be increased or removed to accommodate each individual.

Pre-existing Medical conditions can also be declared and covered if necessary.

Don’t leave your trip to trust and hope, relax in the knowledge that you have the best and right travel insurance cover in place.

Spain travel insurance is a type of medical insurance that covers all types of medical emergencies during your stay in Spain. Spain travel insurance means having a backup plan in case of a medical emergency, so all travelers are advised to take out Spain travel insurance.

If you move to Spain to study, work or for a longer stay of more than 180 days, you must take out health insurance in Spain. Travel insurance is available for single trips, multiple trips and annual trips

Find out more about travel insurance by contacting us either via phone or email and we will gladly go through some quotes with you.

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Travel Insurance Claims – Information and Tips

You’re on holiday, having a fabulous time, nice and relaxed when something happens and you are going to need to claim on your Travel Insurance. Now most of us have never had to do this, so are not sure what to do. Below are some tips and information to help.

Make sure that you take the insurance document with you. This will give you the contact details in case of emergency and your policy number, which you will need if contacting the insurers.

Medical Attention – If it is a doctor/dentist visit for something minor, but that cannot wait until you get home, find a suitable practitioner and book an appointment. Usually you will need to pay for the consultation/medication and claim the fees back. Keep ALL receipts and get copies of doctors/dentist reports.

Urgent/Emergency Medical Treatment – If the situation is serious and you are taken to hospital you will need to phone the insurance company or get someone to phone for you and advise them of the situation. The insurers will normally liaise with the hospital directly once they are advised and you won’t need to make upfront payments.

Thefts – Immediately you discover a theft, whether it be in the airport, on the aircraft, in a hotel or in the street make notes. In the airport, on the aircraft or hotel report the theft to them as soon as you can and obtain a document to show you reported it and they investigated. You will also need to make a report to the police and obtain a report from them. In the street, go straight to the police. If you need emergency replacement items i.e. clothes, toiletries, medication etc, make sure you keep receipts.

Cancellation – Depending on the reason will depend on the documentation needed. No company will cover you because you change your mind. If it is due to a medical condition, they will want a doctors report. If it is due to your holiday being cancelled by the tour operator, they will want a report saying why. In addition, you will need proof of how much you have paid so far and proof that the tour company for instance, are not accepting liability and paying you out.

It might seem a bit onerous when all you want to do is relax, but a little time and effort spend whilst you are in the situation will save a lot of problems later. With the levels of fraudulent claims in the insurance sector at an all time high, many companies are now requiring more documentation and information to try and stop fraud, which at the end of the day increases costs for all of us.

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Have You Got Your Future Planned?

Whilst it is a documented fact that we are all now living longer and enjoying life more, at some point we are all going to need to plan for the future, for our families that unfortunately we won’t be part of anymore.

Most of us put off planning for the inevitable, as whilst we might be advancing in years we still feel 21 and don’t want to have to think about this difficult subject. A little planning ahead now could assist those you leave behind in so many ways.

Funeral planning is one of the first steps. Whether you are a person who wants something quiet and dignified or loud, pink and fluffy it is so much easier on your relatives if you have either a pre-paid funeral plan or funeral insurance in place in advance. This will take some of the upset and concern about money away, at such a stressful time and make life easier for them.

In addition, what about inheritance tax and financial planning?  You might know who you want to inherit your worldly goods, but have you considered the taxes and legal fees that they might incur during this process? There might things that you can do now that will reduce their costs in the future.

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